Building community and advocating for families with LGBTQIA+ parents, caregivers, and children in Sonoma County, California and the surrounding areas of the North Bay.

Toddler playing with a rainbow pride flag at an LGBTQIA+ community event, wearing a black North Bay LGBTQI Famililes T-shirt that says Build, Protect, Advocate on the back.


We support LGBTQIA+ people in building their families and creating connections within our community.

The front of an LGBTQIA+ parent's black t-shirt that says Proud Mom in rainbow striped text.


We strive to help LGBTQIA+ families learn more about and protect their rights and the rights of their children.

In the foreground, a person in a large room with their back turned to the camera, standing in the back of a room full of tables and people sitting at those tables watching a presentation at a symposium.


We are dedicated to intersectional equity advocacy for all students and families in our schools and communities.

North Bay LGBTQI Families is fiscally sponsored by Positive Images LGBTQIA+ Center.